She worked day and night

After landing a new job in the Plano area, we had four weeks to find a place to live. The choices were a short-term corporate apartment or a 1-year lease on a home. We decided to rent for a year before we bought to ensure we picked the right area. Once in Dallas we would only have two days to find a rental home, we really needed to line up a quality list of potential homes before we left. Most realtors worked with us but just didn’t seem to have the time to understand what we were looking for. After talking to several agents long distance from Houston we settled on Shannon Polanzi. She clearly knew the Plano, Frisco, McKinney area and worked hard to find the right house in the right neighborhood, near the amenities that supported the lifestyle we were looking for. She worked day and night sending us texts asking questions and sharing potential homes. We eventually compiled a short list and headed for Dallas; where with Shannon’s dedication and commitment, we found the perfect place in McKinney. Beautiful home with a pool half a mile from an outstanding country club and in a neighborhood filled with walking trails around lakes and streams. It has been a month since we moved in and we love it here. I’m sure we will be working with Shannon towards the end of this lease to find a forever home to buy in this same area.