He could not have made this process and more easy or smooth.

John helped us purchase a home in the Dallas area. We have a bit of a unique situation in that we are repatriating from an overseas assignment for my work. John and I had communicated several times a week prior to my arrival to search for a home. He was able to listen to our needs and what we were looking for in a home and from this initial conversation the search began. He created a profile for us an daily sent us e-mails of potential homes for sale. We provided our comments on the homes and closer to our arrival we narrowed in on our search. We had exactly 1 week in Dallas, and our hope was to be able to find a home and put in our offer. The closing would have to be done remotely. After the first few days I was getting a bit concerned, but to be fair – this is because these were the houses we picked based off of the list provided from our profile. John was very patient with us and after the second day – John stated, let me now do my job and point you in a direction. He did that and the whole dynamics of the home search changed. We zeroed in on a few locations and immediately found some homes we loved. This really was a process of John listening to our needs and wants and what was most important to us in a home. After this we were able to put in an offer on a home and get the acceptance (after some negotiation) within a days time. The next day we did the inspection and the following day was our trip back home. The remainder of the home buying experience was done overseas, and John and his team was incredibly helpful in guiding us through the process and making connections with folks who can help. Through John we found a mortgage broker, insurance agent, concierge service for all our utilities, lawn service, and the list could go on. I found this experience very unique because John really provided a full service home shopping experience. My family and I are new to Dallas and he was able to provide us insights and information into all details pertinent to this home buying experience which included areas, schools, travel times, etc. I would highly recommend John to any of my friends and family. His team was just incredible. All of the contacts we made through John were equally as good. He could not have made this process and more easy or smooth.