Every year, a small portion of homes are put up for sale by the owner (FSBO). But according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), FSBOs will have a far more difficult time getting off the market. Here are a few reasons why hiring an agent can save you time, energy, and unneeded stress.

Industry know-how

You probably don’t have a lot of experience with the ins and outs of real estate. The industry can be tricky to navigate, but an agent has the education and experience to back up his or her decisions.



real estate agent with clients


Negotiation skills

If you don’t fancy yourself an expert negotiator, that’s where a real estate agent comes in. REALTORS® have mastered the art of negotiating and can ensure your home sells for a fair price.

 Confusing paperwork? Handled

Instead of spending hours on the internet to find out what escrow means, your agent can explain everything to you in basic terms and handle the often-difficult process of navigating a real estate transaction.



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Working for you

Agents are required to have your best interest in mind, which can be a breath of fresh air during a, particularly stressful process. It’s always beneficial to have an expert opinion to back you up and marketing expertise to make sure your home is seen by the right people.

 A neighborhood authority

Whether you’re moving down the street or four states away, choose an agent with extensive knowledge of the neighborhood you’re interested in. The agent will know the average price of homes in the area, plus extra information you might not be able to find in an internet search.

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